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The Latest Hand Sanitizers Aim to Make Germ-Killing Cool

Even though simple soap and water is the simplest, most effective way to keep hands clean, more and more people are relying on the convenience of hand sanitizers.

U.N. Issues Urgent Warning on the Growing Peril of Drug-Resistant Infections

A new report by the United Nations says the overuse of antimicrobial drugs is fueling resistant pathogens that could kill 10 million people annually by 2050.

Revenge of the Bacteria: Why We’re Losing the War

Bacteria are rebelling. They’re turning the tide against antibiotics by outsmarting our wonder drugs. This video explores the surprising reasons.

Some In The Beef Industry Are Bucking The Widespread Use Of Antibiotics. Here's How

Antibiotic use in food animal production is increasingly being called into question.

McDonald's Is Suddenly a Leader in Public Health

ARAC Director Dr. Lance Prices explains why McDonald’s is helping lead the way in the fight against antibiotic resistance by reducing the use of antibiotics in its beef. 

The Growing Danger of Antibiotic Resistance

Bottom Line Health spoke with ARAC's Cindy M. Liu, a leading expert on the use and misuse of antibiotics and the growing dangers of antibiotic resistance.

Why Mongolia Is Overdosing on Antibiotics

People in Mongolia are the world’s most prolific users of antibiotics, with an average of 64.4 people per 1,000 on antibiotics on any given day.

Exterior of a McDonalds

McDonald's is Making A Major Change to the Beef Used in Most of Its Burgers

The TODAY show explains how McDonald's new beef policy regarding antibiotic use will affect a lot of meat producers around the globe.

There Are Lots Of Antibiotics In The Beef Supply. McDonald's Vows To Change This

Antibiotic resistance poses a threat to global health and food security.

ARAC Applauds McDonald's New Global Beef Policy

ARAC staff has been advising McDonald's on a new policy it was creating to limit the use of medically important antibiotics in its beef supply chain.