ARAC is a member of the following groups:

The Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring, Analysis & Diagnostics Alliance (ARMADA) is the first-ever system to track & fingerprint antibiotic resistant bacteria in real-time. Once ARMADA is fully developed, it will hold the genetic fingerprints and antibiotic resistance profiles of hundreds of thousands of bacterial strains to enable their tracking in real-time. Visit the ARMADA website ( to learn more.

Antibiotics Off the Menu is a coalition of public interest, animal welfare and environmental groups seeking to end the overuse of antibiotics in food animal production. The participating organizations represent millions of members are united around a single goal: to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics in treating sick people and animals. We urge meat and poultry producers and purchasers (restaurants, food service companies and grocery chains) to adopt comprehensive, timebound and verifiable policies that restrict uses of all medically important antibiotics and achieve reductions in overall use. Visit the Antibiotics Off the Menu website ( to learn more.