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Celebrating Our Partnership with Antibiotic Stewardship Leader Dr. Rana Hamdy

As part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, we are excited to celebrate our partnership with Dr. Rana Hamdy who serves as the Stewardship Advisor for our center

E coli

Poor water, sanitation, and hygiene in low-income countries may help fuel the emergence of deadly pathogens

New Study of E. coli in Cambodia Finds Genetic Elements Conferring Resistance to Powerful Antibiotics Widely Dispersed in Humans and Animals

Brightly colored pills shaped into a cow

Statement from Lance B. Price Founder of the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center on USDA Announcement That it Will Re-examine How it Substantiates Animal Raising Claims

I applaud the announcement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that it will re-examine how the agency substantiates animal raising claims that companies use to market their meat and poultry...

Bacteria from Meat Likely to Cause More than Half a Million Urinary Tract Infections in the U.S. Every Year

A new study suggests that E. coli from meat products may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of urinary tract infections in the U.S. each year.

The Antibiotic Resistance Action Center Unveils New Website and Monthly Newsletter

The Antibiotic Resistance Action Center (ARAC) announced the recent launch of a new website and monthly newsletter.

Superbugs in Stock report shows grocery stores failing to stop antibiotic overuse in meat supply chains.

Eight of the 12 largest U.S. supermarket companies received an “F” on a new report card grading corporate policies regarding antibiotic usage.

Research Shows ‘Raised without Antibiotics’ Label Claim in Beef Cattle Lacks Integrity

Many consumers choose higher-priced steaks, burgers and other beef products from cattle that have been raised without antibiotics.

Report: Most Restaurants Fail to Stop Antibiotic Overuse in Their Beef Supplies

Most top restaurant chains in the United States have failed to adopt policies to stop the overuse of antibiotics by their beef suppliers.

Groups Denounce Misleading "One Health Certified" Label Scheme

A coalition of organizations called on grocery stores, restaurants and meat producers to reject the use of a misleading label known as One Health Certified.

The Lab Behind GW’s COVID Testing Program

A team of researchers, led by ARAC's Chief Medical Officer Cindy Liu, ensure George Washington University’s COVID-19 testing provides rapid, consistent and accurate results.