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The Catch-22 of Mass-Prescribing Antibiotics

Wired explores how a team of researchers were testing the best antibiotic regimen for preventing trachoma, and discovered mass prescribing antibiotics was saving lives.

Giving Antibiotics To Healthy Kids In Poor Countries: Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

A new study questions whether giving antibiotics to healthy children in poor countries is a good idea.

'Nightmare bacteria' are trying to spread in the U.S., CDC says

NBC News reports on how “nightmare bacteria” with the power to resist most antibiotics are popping up across the U.S.

Surge In Antibiotics Is A Boon For Superbugs

A new report shows how antibiotic use is on the rise especially in low-income countries.

ARAC Statement on the Death of U.S. Rep Louise Slaughter

Today, it was announced that U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter (NY-D) has died.

ARAC Featured on PBS To The Contrary Special on Antibiotic Resistance

PBS To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbé takes an in-depth look at the crisis of antibiotic resistance in food animal production.

Combating Global Antibiotic Resistance: Emerging One Health Concerns in LIMCs

ARAC Director Dr. Lance Price contributed to a scientific perspective recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases that highlights the need for new approaches to address antibiotic resistance.

New ARAC Video: Safe Handling of Meat and Poultry Products

A new video on food safety and safe handling of meat and poultry products has been developed by ARAC and MPH@GW.

Experts Release U.S. Policy Roadmap to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

Leading physicians, veterinarians and other experts outline key steps for policymakers, food companies and food purchasers, and medical groups to help tackle the antibiotic resistance crisis.